🎉🦟 Meet Stacey: “The Bug Whisperer”🦟🎉

Hey there, savvy world wanderers and mosquito magnet victims! I'm Stacey Klinge, your friendly neighborhood CEO of Pack Me Too, the brainchild of my quest to conquer the itch and elevate the world of practicality to pocket-sized perfection!


Picture this: I've been globe-trotting through more countries than I have fingers (and I still have all ten, thanks to our bug repellent stickers!). For 13 glorious years in the heart of Asia, I've witnessed the marvels of tiny, mighty products that make life smoother than a salsa dancer on roller skates.


Now, hold on to your stylish sun hats because Pack Me Too is here to turn the practical into the prettiful! We've taken everyday essentials and sprinkled them with a dash of charm, making them not just useful but undeniably fabulous.


Our debut stars. Drumroll, please... 🥁 The Mosquito Whisperer Collection! 🦟✨ Say "adios" to traditional bug spray and let our insect repellent stickers do the talking (or should I say, buzzing?). Slap ‘em on like a mosquito fashion statement, and watch those pesky biters bid a swift farewell. It's like sending bugs an eviction notice, but with style!


I'm on a mission to make the world pocket-sized, practical, and oh-so-fun! So, the next time you're stepping out for work, a walk, a date, an event, a hike, or a grand adventure, don't forget to Pack Me Too! Stick it where the sun doesn’t shine—on those sneaky mosquitoes!


Curious about our bug-defying wonders? Dive into the world of www.packmetoo.com, where the cool kids order their mosquito-fighting swag. And if you want to chat about how Pack Me Too can revolutionize your world, hit us up at contact@packmetoo.com. We're all ears (and bug bite-free)!


Thank you, dear friends, for considering Pack Me Too as your go-to for ingenious, laughter-infused solutions. Let's join forces and make the world a tad more convenient, pocket-sized, and whimsically bug-resistant!


Cheers to a bite-free, pocket-sized adventure!


Warm regards (and bug-free hugs),

Stacey Klinge
CEO, Pack Me Too LLC 🌍💼