1. What exactly are Buzz Off stickers?

Buzz Off stickers are a simple & mess free way to keep away mosquitoes, biting insects, ticks and fleas away! They are small, adhesive patches infused with trusted every day, all natural ingredients.

2. How do they work?

The stickers work by releasing a very safe and natural fragrance biting insects can’t stand! When you put on a sticker, think of it as it creates a protective shield around you, making you very unattractive to these pesky pests.

3. Are they safe for children and pets?

They are totally & 100% safe for children & pets! The stickers are made from 100%, all natural, non-toxic ingredients that make them safe for everyone in the family, including your furry friends. Plus they are DEET free so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals!

4. How long do these stickers last?

Each sticker offers protection for up to 24 hours! Of course, as the hours go by the scent starts to fade, and will need replacing. Effectiveness is the highest between the window of 0 to 12 hours.

5. Can I wear them while swimming or in the rain?

They are safe to wear while out swimming or in the rain. However, too much water exposure will wear off the effectiveness of the fragrance.

6. Do they have a strong smell?

Absolutely not! The scent is subtle & pleasant but not overwhelming.

7. What’s in them?

Great that you asked! Our stickers are infused with lemongrass, citronella, mint and some have the added ingredient of cinnamon oil.

8. Can I use them indoors?

You sure can! While they are designed for outdoor use, in regions where windows and doors are open, it gives you protection indoors also.

9. Can people with allergies use these stickers?

Our stickers are hypoallergenic and suitable for most people. However, if you have specific concerns or allergies, we recommend consulting with a healthcare professional before use.

10. How many stickers come in a pack?

Packs vary by theme and count. You can find Buzz Off stickers in counts from as low as 6 to as high as 600, so you have many options in between.

11. How should I store them?

To keep the stickers effective, we recommend storing in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Our resealable feature also helps to maintain the fragrance of your stickers.

12. Where can I buy your mosquito repellent stickers?

You can purchase through our online store at www.packmetoo.com or chat with us on our Instagram. Give us a follow while you’re there!

13. Do these stickers work in all climates and environments, including humid or rainy conditions?

Yes they do! This is why we can be found in online & offline stores all over the globe!

14. Can I purchase your stickers in bulk for special events or group outings?

You sure can! We not only do bulk orders but we also do custom orders for your special event. Reach out to us on sales@packmetoo.com, and we will provide you with a unique quote.

15. Do these stickers leave any residue or marks on clothing or gear after removal?

We’re not fans of sticky residue or marks on our clothing, so we made sure to produce with the highest quality to prevent this from happening.

16. Can I apply the stickers on my pet's collar or bedding to protect them from bites?

Absolutely! Our pets wear them all the time. Please do send us photos (tag us on Instagram) when you and your pet rock them! We love our furry friends!