Return Policy

Return Policy for Pocket-Sized Repelling Stickers

We appreciate your purchase of our pocket-sized repelling stickers. These products are meticulously sealed to preserve their special fragrance. In the event that you change your mind after making a purchase and wish to cancel, we kindly ask you to act promptly by canceling your order before it is shipped. Once the order has been shipped, the cancellation will no longer be possible.

If, upon receiving our products, you find that they do not meet your expectations, we have a structured return process in place:

1. Do Not Open Sealed Package: Please refrain from opening the sealed packaging if you decide to return the product. This is crucial to ensure the preservation of the special fragrance and facilitates a smoother return process.
2. Initiate Return on Our Website: Start the return process by visiting our website. Locate the 'Return' section and follow the instructions to initiate the return. Be sure to provide your order number and a brief reason for the return.
3. Send Return Request Email: Simultaneously, send us an email at with your order number and detailed information about the reason for the return. This will help us understand your concerns better.
4. Return Shipping Cost and Process: Once we receive your email, our customer service team will assess your request and provide you with the return shipping cost and detailed instructions on the return process. Please wait for our response before proceeding with the return.
5. Wait for Approval: We will carefully review your return request and provide you with approval and any necessary instructions. Please do not proceed with the return until you receive confirmation from us.
6. Follow Return Instructions: Adhere to the provided return instructions to ensure a smooth and efficient return process. This may include specific packaging requirements and the use of a designated shipping method.
7. Refund or Replacement: Once we receive the returned product and confirm its condition, we will process your refund or replacement accordingly.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact our customer service team at
Note: The email address provided ( is for illustrative purposes only. Please replace it with your actual customer support email address.